2 of the Best Places to Visit in Auckland

Auckland is famous for its bubbling metropolis and for being the vibrant economic center of New Zealand. This commercial progress can be attributed to its harbor, which draws visitors who want to experience all the city’s outdoor attractions. Here are some fun places to visit in Auckland!

· Auckland Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is Auckland’s most prominent landmark. Over 328 meters, it offers scenic views that can stretch out to 80km on a clear day-perfect for taking pictures!

If you are a thrill-junkie and you aren’t scared of heights, you can base-jump off the platform on a Sky Jump. A gift shop and a restaurant are also available on the site if you might need to get a few things.

· Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is a neoclassical building built in 1929. Situated on the highest point of Auckland Domain, it exhibits a vast collection of artifacts that show New Zealand’s history from its Polynesian settlers to the present day.

It was erected as a memorial dedicated to New Zealand soldiers who fought in World War 1.

One of the museum’s main interests is the Main Maori Galleries, which hold an impressive collection of artistry, including a beautiful Maori gateway. It dates from the 12th to the 14th century. There’s also a 25-meter-long canoe the Maori warriors sailed into Manukau Harbour in 1836.

The museum’s first floor exhibits the natural history collection, and the top floor is dedicated to war memorials.

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