3 Best Travel Shoes for Women in Italy

Italy is an exotic land, and you can’t slap on just any pair of shoes and strut all over the place. You have to consider comfort, style, and weather too; and that’s what Unlimited Trips will help you out with today.

Being a full-service wedding and vacation travel agency, we’ve booked uncountable trips to Italy for a number of clients, and we can’t wait to book yours! If you’re like us then you would love to explore Italy, yes? You’ll need the right kind of footwear for even something as simple as that. We’ll outline the best shoes for you to pack when heading off to Italy. Prepare to take notes.

· Wedges

Wedges are so stylish they had to be at the top of this list. Even better, they come in a variety of adorable and fashionable styles for you to choose from. But do you know what makes them the most ideal for Italy? Their heels.

The high heels can easily accommodate the endless network of cobblestone streets in Italy and Europe as a whole. Besides, wedges are GREAT if ever you require something dressier.

· Slip-Ons

Do we really need to say much about slip-ons? If you’re looking for shoes that are stylish as well as convenient and incredibly comfortable, you can’t go wrong with slip-ons. They are hassle-free and can go well with any choice of clothes.

This means that regardless of what you wear in Italy, slip-ons can be a perfect match for your attire.

· Sandals

It’s time to go old school. Sandals may not be as fashionable as the other two shoes, but they’re just as versatile. Sandals are perfect during the warm months of Italy. No one can deny how comfortable they are.

Proof of how fashionable they are is the sheer amount of people you’ll see in Italy wearing them. From other tourists like you to tour guides and even the locals, everyone is wearing them. Somethings just never go out of fashion, do they?

Unlimited Travel certainly agrees with this, and we also highly recommend you head to Italy for your next vacation. Secure our free concierge-like services to streamline the vacation planning and make everything easier on yourself.

Enlist our services and we’ll not only give you tips on the best shoes to use on your vacation to Italy, but we’ll get you there in no time!

Contact Unlimited Trips now and we’ll help you plan a wonderful trip to Italy, an ancient land suffused with culture and beauty.