3 Dishes to Try Out in Taiwan

Taiwan is known for its extensive mountain ranges, its long Austronesian history, its Japanese and Chinese-influenced culture, and most importantly, its delicious cuisine. Here are some of Taiwan’s famous dishes that we know you’ll love!

Beef Noodles

Beef Noodles are perhaps Taiwan’s most enjoyed dishes. This trademark meal consists of three main components: Noodles, beef, and broth. The broth is an essential part of the dish as it carries all the juices seeped out from the meat.

There are two kinds of beef noodles: the braised type and the exact stewed kind that comes with cow tendons or stewed sirloin. Garnish with a handful of greens like spinach, spring onions, and lettuces, and your noodles are ready to be devoured.

They can be found everywhere in street vendors and old shops, and these establishments endeavor only to serve the best beef noodles.

Soup Dumplins

Soup dumplings are a famous snack that originated from the south of Changjiang. It is made in small sizes in thin wrappers and precise shape, with many filling with a juicy, fresh taste.

Chefs are particular about the folds of the dumpling, its form, and its presentation. Dumplings are the favorite companions of soup, and traditional soup dumplings can have at least 14 folds.

But in some stores that are very particular about some soup dumplings like Din Tai Fung, soup dumplings can have over 18 folds.

Intestine and Oyster Vermicelli

Vermicelli is a famous Taiwanese dish. It can be prepared in many styles like pork knuckle vermicelli, sesame oil vermicelli, and birthday vermicelli. But intestine and oyster vermicelli are probably Taiwanese favorites.

The oysters are coated with cornstarch, and sometimes stewed intestines are used. The success of oyster vermicelli depends on the freshness and size of the oysters. The stewing process of the intestines and its ratio to the vermicelli are essential too.

Finish it off with a signature chili sauce or black vinegar and coriander combo, and you have a mouth-watering meal!

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