3 Historical Landmarks to Visit in San Marino as Tourism Returns

San Marino is a beautiful landlocked country with a buffet of historical architecture. It has almost no entry restrictions in place for tourists.

So travelers who wish to explore the narrow cobblestone streets and medieval walled, old towns of San Marino can now do so as long as they observe social distancing measures. Of course, they’re expected to wear face coverings at marked spots too.

However, if you are coming in through Italy, be sure to check Italy’s travel requirements before you take off. Below are some of Italy’s famed landmarks, each with its historical significance and beauty!

· Centro Storico Di San Marino, San Marino

Being here literally feels like you have traveled back in time to the medieval age. A walk around the Centro Storico Di San Marino brings you to intricate sculptures and ancient buildings at every stop.

And if you hang around till dusk, you’ll likely catch the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen! Feel free to tour the town and discover its superb cuisine, souvenir shops, and picturesque scenery.

· Piazza Della Liberta, San Marino

The charm of several medieval buildings bearing peculiar architectural styles awaits you here. Piazza Della Liberta is located on the most famous street of San Marino. So you’ll likely come across it as you take a city tour. The parliament house is not far from the Piazza should you want to make a detour.

A great number of restaurants can also be found in the vicinity, all serving up delicious local cuisine that we are sure you’ll love!

· Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino

This 19th-century edifice located in one of San Marino’s main squares offers excellent insight into the medieval era. Also, it doubles as the main administrative building of the city, alongside being a monument of heritage.

The interior of this palace is nothing short of beauty and art in their purest forms. Grand rooms are draped in a majestic ambiance that shows elegance. Incredible artworks are scattered all around its walls too.

We wager that a day spent at the Palazzo Pubblico will leave you in awe for a long, long time! For a quaint, landlocked country, San Marino clearly holds its own regarding historical sites and architecture.

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