3 Lovely Parks In Grenada

Everyone who has ever visited Grenada can agree on one thing; that it has the best recreation and parks. They are void of the normal buzzes and noise associated with typical parks.

If you are looking to have quiet family time or alone time while in Grenada, you should consider the following parks!

· Parque Federico Garcia Lorca

Need some shade to relax or to recharge from sightseeing and other activities? Federico Garcia Lorca Park will do just fine!

It is the biggest park in Granada. There you will find paths flanked by trees, rose gardens, fountains, a fantastic kids’ playground with activities for people of all age groups, and a duck pond.

You have the option of taking a picnic with you or just getting food from the many kiosks in the park.

· Levera National Park

Commissioned in 1992, the wild expanse Levera park holds the reputation of Grenada’s most scenic and gorgeous coastal area with a picturesque beach that gets very busy around the weekend.

It hosts a pond that has become one of the most crucial wildlife habitats on the island. It also has an extensive mangrove swamp, a roped and board walkway, and an observation tower for avid birders.

This right here is nature at its finest and most serene, and it will calm even the wildest souls.

· Hyde Park Tropical Garden

The Hyde Park Tropical Garden is the spot for you. Just like all gardens, its strength lies in its beauty and scenery.

It may not be the most extensive garden globally, but it is a unique town garden extending to one and a half acres. It overlooks the lagoon, the port, and a bit of the town of St. Georges.

And it offers a great view of the magnificent southern view of the island and the serenity of a monastery.

If all that green and all that lushness appeals to the nature lover in you, then head on to Hyde Park Tropical garden!

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