3 Must-See Places in American Samoa

American Samoa, a fantastic tropical escape, is nestled between Hawaii and New Zealand in Polynesia, and we can affirm it’s an excellent spot for thrill-seekers and vacationers! Marvel at the ancient volcanic peaks, endless rainforests, and brilliant coral reefs. The Samoan heritage is remarkably well-preserved, too, so you’ll be seeing and learning so much.

Bask in the natural beauty and Polynesian culture and take advantage of all it offers. There’s hiking in the untamed rainforest, beaches, and protected coral reefs brimming with wildlife. There are many places you should see, but we picked out three of the best for you!

National Park of American Samoa

The National Park of American Samoa offers so much that you won’t find anywhere else in the United States! We’re talking about a unique and rich experience that makes each visit there more than worth it.

The National Park of American Samoa offers several animals, natural resources, and more waiting for you to explore. For example, the quintessential tropical paradise, colorful kingfisher birds, the pe’a (fruit bats), the taupou (Samoan Princess), and the fine mats on display.

National Marine Sanctuary

The National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is a sanctuary that protects the oldest and largest coral heads and extensive coral reefs in the world. It also keeps the hydrothermal vent communities, deep-water reefs, and the rare marine archaeological resources safe.

The National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa has birthed unique and fun educational and recreational experiences. And all these places will be more than happy to pose for your camera!

Ofu Beach

The Ofu Beach on the Manu’a Islands is another lovely place. We consider it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for bolder travelers. Manu’a has three main islands: Ofu, Olosega, and Ta’u, and we advise you to visit all three if you can. Olosega is connected to Ofu by a bridge where you can relax, go hiking, or snorkeling.

There are many more amazing places in American Samoa that we know you’ll love, and Unlimited Trips are here to take you there! We are a professional travel agency from Akron, Ohio that offers our clients a world-class and fulfilling trip to fantastic destinations worldwide!

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