3 Must-See You Need to See in Timor Leste

Timor Leste is one of the most exciting places to be in South-East Asia. Officially known as East Timor, Timor Leste is an island country known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, incredible scenery. Here are some places to visit on your trip to Timor Leste!


Dili is Timor Leste's largest city. The city is filled with restaurants, markets, textile stores, and seafood stands, all alongside thatch-roofed homes.

You can also visit the beaches where you get to watch whales swimming during migration season, eat freshly cooked seafood, or sunbathe for a nice tan.

Scuba diving is also an all-year prolonged activity in Dili, and you get to explore the corals and marine life like the scorpionfish, blue moray eels, reef sharks, and many more.

Another prominent attraction in Dili is the 27-meter-tall Christo Rei, a statue of Jesus Christ that overlooks the city. It is the second-largest statue of Jesus Christ in the world.

Mt. Matebian

Mt. Matebian is one of Timor Leste's most sacred sites. Every All Souls Day, thousands of pilgrims visit the base of the mountain and at the top of the mountain is a statue of Jesus Christ. A hike to the top of the mountain and back could take more than 12 hours.

The mountain has two nicknames. It is often called the Mountain of Souls because the locals believe that their ancestors' souls reside on the mountain.

Its second nickname is the Mountain of the Dead because of the Japanese's military activities during WWII. They created a network of mines and caves, killing many people in the process. As a result of its history, Mt. Matebian remains a central point in Timor Leste's culture.


The Same is a village inland of the coastline, located among lush trees and vegetation, and is a haven away from city life's buzz. Its local market is known for its craft and its Tai textile.

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