3 Places to Visit In Macau Sar

Macau is a unique place and is an administrative region of China, opposite the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. Macau is known for its rich culture, a blend of Chinese and Portuguese, and its gambling industry, which has earned quite a few nicknames.

Some call it the "Las Vegas of the Orient," while others dub it the "Monte Carlo of the Orient." It also has a wide variety of dishes taking roots from its Portuguese and Chinese cultures. Here are some fun places to see in this part of the Orient!

· Visit the Ruins of St. Paul

St. Paul is one of the most famous landmarks in Macau. The church was built in 1602 and was destroyed by fire in 1835, leaving only the five-tier stone façade and the staircase leading up to it.

It was carved by Japanese Christian exiles and Chinese artisans and beautified with statues and carvings that reflected Christian, European, Chinese, and Japanese heritage.

It is located near Rua de Sao Paulo, which is about a 10 minutes' walk from Senado Square. Behind the church ruins lies the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt.

· The A-Ma Temple (Ma Kok Miu)

The A-Ma temple is one of Macau's oldest temples and was built in 1488 to commemorate A-Ma, the sea's sacred goddess (also known as Mazu and Tin Hau), who blesses the fishermen.

As well as being a UNESCO World Heritage site, it also forms part of the Historic Center of Macau. It consists of six main parts, including prayer pavilions set on levels on the hill overlooking the Inner Harbour.

· The Macau Tower

If you feel like taking a break from a life of high stakes, you could visit the Macau Tower too. At a neck-breaking height of about 1,109 feet (338 meters), this magnificent edifice dominates Macau's skyline and offers wonderful views of the entire peninsula.

The observation decks are on the 58th and 61st floors, where visitors can relax and enjoy the wonderful views. Except you have a fear of heights!

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