3 Places To Visit In St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island country part of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea, and it’s one of the best places for your next vacation!

Fondly called the “Helen of the Caribbean” because of its ancient battles of possession between the English and the French, this island is known for its beautiful crescent-shaped beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls. There are so many fun places to check out in St. Lucia!

· Piton

The twin peaks of Piton are St. Lucia’s most prominent landmarks. They are named according to their sizes. The largest, Gros Piton (large Piton), is about 797 meters high, and the smaller one, Petit Piton (small Piton), is about 750 meters high.

The Pitons are very difficult climbs, so they aren’t an easy hike. However, you can enjoy their beautiful views from afar.

The Soufriere fishing village is one of the best places that offer a view of the Pitons. Some hotels also boast of having views of them too. If you’re a diver, you can explore them as underwater cliffs.

· Anse Chastanet Marine National Park

If you’re into diving and snorkeling, then the Anse Chastanet Park is the place for you. The Anse Chastanet coral reef hosts a plethora of aquatic life, from beautiful colored soft corals, boulder corals, and colored sponges to varieties of fish like parrotfish, wrasse, and barracudas.

Like an aquatic paradise for fish, the corals spread out on an oceanic plateau of about two to eight meters before dropping down to 46 meters to a lace coral ecosystem.

· Diamond Falls Waterfall, Botanical Gardens, and Mineral Baths

In Soufriere Estate, the Diamond Falls offers three main delights: a splendid waterfall colored by mineral deposits, mineral hot baths, and a botanical garden.

You can find most tropical trees like coconut, cocoa, mahogany, and red cedar trees amongst flowers such as the hibiscus, orchids, and anthurium in the garden. You can also enjoy the healing mineral baths for a small fee.

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