3 Places To Visit In The Samoan Islands

Samoa is a Polynesian nation in the South Pacific Ocean. It is well known for its beautiful islands, diverse wildlife and rainforests, and splendid waterfalls.

Its culture and artistry heritage runs deep, as seen in their Tatau tattoo arts. It is also the nation of Hollywood actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here are some places you shouldn’t miss on a visit to the Samoan Islands.

· The Dwarf Cave

The Dwarf Cave, which is in Paia village, is an interesting tourist attraction in Samoa. It is popular because of the volcanic eruption there, which took place centuries ago.

This event has made it a mysterious landmark. There are long pillars of dried lava tubes like stalactites, and when light bounces off these pillars, it gives the cave a somewhat spooky yet beautiful view.

· The Alofaaga Blowholes

The Alofaaga Blowholes are volcanic plug holes located in the Savaii Island in Samoa just outside Taga village.

These holes have been eroded over the years to form a long narrow tube, like an earthly fountain. When the tide comes in fast, the wave pushes through these holes with great speed and erupts out of it.

Locals sometimes amuse themselves by stuffing these holes with coconut and watching the water shoot them high into the air. It is an intriguing sight for sure!

· The Papaseea Sliding Rocks

The Papaseea Sliding Rocks is another interesting tourist attraction in the Samoan Islands. Located in the Faleata district, about a 15 minutes’ drive from the capital Apia, the Sliding Rocks is a good swimming spot.

The rocks have been naturally eroded into a smooth slope, creating a natural slide about five meters long that runs down a waterfall to drop into a pool of water beneath. Talk about earth slides!

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