3 Places You Need To Visit In Mongolia

Mongolia is a vast country between Russia and China. It is famously known for its ancient Mongolian Empire, perhaps one of the greatest empires in the world, rivaled by Alexander the Great's Roman Empire.

The country is rich in culture, like Tibetan Buddhism's practice in maintaining their predecessors' nomadic traditions. From eagle hunters to the magnificent statue of the first emperor Genghis Khan, here are some interesting places to visit in Mongolia.


Olgii is located in the Altai mountains in western Mongolia and is a starting point for visiting the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park and Tsambagarav National Park.

in Bayan-Olgii, petroglyphs are all around. They trace the history of the early cavemen to more modern groups like the Blue Turks, ancestors of modern Turkic groups showing their transition from hunter-gatherers to 'modern' horse-based nomadism in Mongolia presently.

You can also see the Turkic Standing Stones, which are about 2000-year-old artifacts made by the ancient Blue Turks. You can witness the wonderful feats performed by the eagle hunters in the Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival in September.


Ulaanbaatar is filled with dazzling reflective skyscrapers, shopping malls, and one of Mongolia's urban centers.

You could check out the 40-foot statue of Genghis Khan on a horse and the 19th-century Palace of Bogd Khaan. It is also the location of the National Museum of Mongolia.

Orkhon Valley

The Orkhon Valley was once the Khans' home and the Mongolian Empire's administrative center as their armies rampaged across Asia.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a major tourist attraction. You could find serene old Buddhist monasteries and nomadic yurts among lush pines, Mongol capital ruins, Karakorum, Xanadu, and frozen waterfalls.

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