3 Popular Tourist Attraction Sites In Palau

Palau is a captivating and mind-boggling archipelago for snorkelers and divers around the world. It has more than 500 islands that extend away from the glasslike waters of the tremendous Pacific Ocean.

Palau is known for being home to probably the most amazing reefs recorded in UNESCO. You can discover radiant corals enhancing the waters around the islands. That sight alone is magnificent!

A vacation in Palau offers you a great chance to appreciate several water sports and exercises, for example, scuba diving, snorkeling, interacting with dolphins, and swimming. Thus, if you wish to explore Palau on your next vacation, you need to be abreast with the knowledge of at least its most important tourist attraction sites. Find out more about stunning attractions in Palau below.


Ngerulmud is the capital of Palau and is on Babeldaob-the most incredible island in Palau-in the region of the Melekeok town.

There are a few stone sights in Ngerulmud, and they are all more than worth a visit. Ensure you visit Did el Bad er a Beriber, which is a notable stone extension. And don’t lose an opportunity to see Adramelech Stone Faces, where you will see the many stone ‘gods.’

Jellyfish Lake

Try not to miss visiting Jellyfish Lake, a mainstream marine lake in Palau that you can see on Eil Malk Island.

Additionally, this mind-boggling lake is popular for evenly relocating a large number of brilliant jellyfishes.

Rock Island

Another lovely attraction that you should not miss while exploring Palau is the Rock Islands, which contains a little assortment of coral or limestone structures sticking out of the water and antiquated coral reefs.

As indicated by different sources, you can see around 250 to 300 islands in gatherings involving approximately 47 sq. km zone and 207 m stature.

The vast majority of the pieces of these islands are uninhabited. However, they are precise for their excellent seashores, entrancing tidal ponds, and unconventional shapes looking like umbrellas.

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