3 Reasons Italy is Such a Great Place to Visit

Is there a more exotic and fascinating place than Italy? France, Spain, and a few others come close, but none of them can really hold a candle to the ‘Bel Paese’. Translation? The beautiful country.

Unlimited Trips has been to Italy countless times before, and it never gets old. We want you to share in the amazing experiences we had over there; we want you to see the beautiful sights; to immerse yourself in the wonderful culture; then taste some of the most famed cuisines in south-central Europe.

Unlimited Trips may not be the only full-service wedding and vacation travel agency in Akron, Ohio, but we offer services that make us stand out from the rest. When we book your trip to Italy, everything will be tailored to your exact wants and preferences. But if you’ve never been to Italy, then the fun facts below should help you get up to speed on a few of the country’s tidbits and why they’re excellent reasons for you to be there.

  1. More Than Just Water, So Expect Fun Mountain Adventures Too

When you think of Italy, some of the first images that pop into your head are long canoes slowly being rowed atop serene waters, right? While that’s true, Italy has a lot more land than you would believe. About four-fifths of the country is either hilly or mountainous! So yes, there will a lot of mountain climbing for you if that’s your thing. Get your mountain gear ready and be ready to see some truly amazing scenic views.

  1. So Much Fame, So Expect to Visit Several Fascinating Museums

Italy’s popularity can never be overstated. It’s inside the top 5 most-visited countries in the world, and a whopping 46 million vacationers and tourists visit it each year! We wager you’re going to make up part of that number, come holiday season. And be prepared to meet a lot of friendly locals too, because it’s the 5th most populous country in Europe; so, brush up on your Italian, yeah?

With that being said, might we recommend you spend as much time as you can in some of Italy’s most famous museums? The Museo Egizio, the Venaria Reale, the Cenacolo Vinciano, and the Reggia di Caserta are only 4 of the most visited museums in Italy. Each one will offer you a unique experience, so take the time to visit as many as you can.

  1. Old and Beautiful, So Be Prepared to see Fascinating Structures

We all know the Vatican City is in Rome, but did you know it’s the smallest country in the entire world? And it’s led by the Pope himself too. Speaking of Rome, it’s easily one of the oldest cities in Europe, being over 3000 years old!

There are so many beautiful structures awaiting you and your camera in Rome. The St. Peter’s Basilica, the infamous Colosseum (Colosseo), the Pantheon, and the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, to mention a very few. If you seek something exotic, Italy will gladly oblige you.

Now, it’s one thing to read about these things, but it’s something else to live them; be a part of all Italy has to offer. Contact Unlimited Trips and we’ll get you to Italy. We’ll make sure the experience is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Our customers can attest to how excellent our services are. Unlimited Trips from Akron, Ohio, will take care of everything, from the moment you set foot in Italy to when your plane takes off, sending you home after a truly fun and luxurious vacation.