3 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Dubrovnik as Tourism Returns to Croatia

Like any other city globally, travelers are never fully prepared for what to expect when they travel. The culture shock and the odd nuances and behavioral patterns of foreign people often put travelers off-guard!

Therefore, we have rounded up a few things you should know before visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia, as tourism returns to vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers with the required tests.

· Know These Words

Like any other country, learning a few words and phrases can help you navigate better. In this case, words like “Hvala” and “dovidenia,” meaning thank you and goodbye, respectively, can make the locals smile at you!

· Stay Covered

Croatia is as Catholic as it gets, so you should stay covered except when you’re on the beach. Also, when coming from the beach and using a convenience shop or supermarket, wrap your towel around you to avoid awkward situations.

· Join The Oyster Party

Don’t do this if you aren’t a fan of oysters, but get slurping if you want to be like the locals. The people of Dubrovnik don’t joke about their fresh catch and slippery seafood, so squeeze a bit of lemon on the oysters and slurp away! They allegedly taste like the sea but only better.

Mussels drenched in a decadent sauce served in breadcrumb broth is an alternative that you may prefer too. We say this because the perfect blend of the fresh tomato, garlic, sea salt, and white wine it is cooked in makes for a heavenly sauce that we are sure you will love!

Dubrovnik is a place of beauty and charm; we are glad to have equipped you with ways to help you explore better. However, if you have more questions, feel free to call us at (330) 940-4321.

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