3 Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Your First Visit to Barcelona

When you travel to a place for the first time, especially when it is so many miles away, it’s natural for you to feel anxiety. But don’t let that stop you from making the most of your trip!

We’re here to help you manage that anxiety and turn it into excitement. The tips below are all you need, and we guarantee your first visit to Barcelona will be riddled with nothing but bliss!

· Book Your La Sagrada Familia Ticket Ahead Of Time

If you have taken your time to read about Barcelona’s exciting places, chances are you’ve had your fill about La Sagrada Familia. It’s the most visited site in Barcelona, and with good reason!

The popularity and relevance of this place are unquestionable. Be sure to check it out when you land in Barcelona.

As expected, for a site often visited by many people, getting a ticket can be challenging. So, your best option is to book the visa ahead of time. And book a tour guide before you even get into Barcelona. Doing this will give you the edge over other vacationers clamoring to La Sagrada Familia!

· Use The Multi-Day Metro Cards To Save Money

An opportunity to spend less money on the same service is something no one should take for granted. Going to Barcelona for a few days shouldn’t empty your wallet.

With a T10 multi-trip ticket, you kill two birds with one stone; you get to take the train and travel by metro.

Access to two means of transportation gives you an edge in many ways. We don’t see why you shouldn’t explore this option.

· Go for Cava And Vermouth

You might get tempted by other drinks like the very popular Sangria. But, in Barcelona, most locals do not rank Sangria as the best of the best. That honor goes to Cava and vermouth!

If you want to be friends with them, try out some of their favorite drinks and see if you won’t make a few cool buddies. You’re there for an adventure, and the meals and beverages offer that too!

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