3 Tourist Attraction Sites You Should Visit In Anguilla

Anguilla is a Caribbean gem known for its alluring and dazzling beaches. The beaches are the island’s biggest attraction, mixed with friendly residents and good food.

White, powdery sand that stretches for miles, pristine waters, and the laid-back, welcoming attitude of the Anguillan people are among other things that make Anguilla’s beaches the best in the world.

Aptly-named Rendezvous Bay is a romantic public beach you’ll love to swim and sunbathe in, all day and all year round. Anguilla’s annual summer festival also affords you a rare opportunity to dance to calypso music.

Every year, vacationers travel to the island to relax on its island’s silky sands, swim in brilliant water, play Robinson Crusoe on Anguilla’s offshore islands, and snorkel or dive the fish-filled reefs and wrecks.

What adds more to the fun is dining at the island’s fine restaurants and browsing the art galleries and museums. Also, take a day trip aboard a ferry or small plane to explore the nearby Island of St. Barts.

The Valley, Anguilla’s sleepy capital, offers a significant heritage trail of the island. And during the summer, boat races, dancing, beauty pageants, and parade brings the city alive by disturbing this land’s peaceful atmosphere. Let’s help you learn about the best tourist attraction sites on this lovely island below!

· Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay is a calm and shallow four-kilometer crescent of powdery sand and translucent sea, bordered by coconut palms. Families, kids, sunbathers, swimmers, and shell collectors will enjoy this peaceful stretch of coast.

· Shoal Bay East

Shoal Bay East is characterized by a broad and long sweep of radiant sand that makes it one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

The waters offer some of Anguilla’s most beautiful coral gardens inhabited by hundreds of tiny iridescent fish with soft and clean sand; very ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Shoal Bay Villa, The Manoah Boutique Hotel Anguilla, and several fantastic restaurants fringe the shore, and they are all open to you. Despite all these beauties, it remains blissfully peaceful and uncrowded.

· Meads Bay Beach

With a stunning one and a half kilometer stretch of white sand and clear, calm waters, Meads Bay Beach is a perfect place for a refreshing dip when you visit Anguilla.

Enjoy the feel of soft silky sand, spend the day swimming in the luminous blue sea, rent a beach chair and umbrella, and forget the world’s sorrows. And luxury villas and resorts line the shores too.

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