3 Vietnamese Dishes You Must Try

Vietnamese culture is one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia, with heavy influences from the Chinese culture.

They are one of the largest coffee producers globally. Their cuisine is still as delectable as ever, with little changes over the years. Here are some of Vietnam’s famous dishes!

Pho Kho Gia Lia (Dry Pho)

Pho is Vietnam’s national dish and is so popular it can be found anywhere: from renowned restaurants to makeshift stands at street corners.

All the food components are served in separate dishes; the noodles, beef briskets, broth, and chiles. The noodles are moistened with just enough broth and meat with the fried onions and herbs before each bite.

Bun Rieu

The Bun Rieu is a noodle soup and is also a very prominent meal. Similar to Phi, the broth is the main component of the dish.

A base of tomato and dried shrimp is simmered with pork trotters with cloves and lemongrass added to it for a pleasant aroma.

It is served with rice noodles, trotters, roast pork, freshly sliced tomatoes, and Thai basil. The tomatoes’ tart balances the pork’s richness in the warm broth, combining to give a wonderful flavor.

Bo La Lot

Bo La Lot is made with ground beef seasoned in garlic and fish sauce, then wrapped in betel leaves and charred over a charcoal grill and served with fresh cilantro and ground peanuts.

Betel leaf, piper sarmentosum, is a plain, flavorless leaf in its raw form. But when charred, it releases a deep, aromatic flavor, and it brings this essence to Bo La Lot.

Traditionally, it is served as part of Bo Bay Mon (a beef serving of seven courses), but you can find them in food stands around Vietnam.

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