4 Excellent Proposal Destinations

If you’ve been thinking of a proposing to your loved one while on vacation, congratulations in advance! Don't forget that here at Unlimited Trips, we can organize and help plan your trip to several great destinations around the world.

If you’re wondering where to go to propose, if you want to be surrounded by great structures and a colorful culture and people while you kneel and speak those timeless words to the one who completes you, we’re here to help!

Here are 4 popular places that double as great vacation destinations and wonderful places to propose to your loved one.

· Italy

From the Tuscan countryside to Amalfi coast, Italy is a historic land bathe in exquisite beauty and rich culture. And because the country is very large, you can choose a proposal environment that is most ideal for you based on the activities you enjoy: From vineyard hopping in the Tuscan Countryside to lounging by the beach on the Amalfi Coast, it’s all up to you.

And if you consider the fact Rome is very close and remind yourself of the amazing wineries riddling the Tuscan region, you can understand why it’s such a hotspot for proposals! We highly recommend you take a trip to Positano, because scenic views of the vast, blue, and endless ocean with quaint and colorful cliffside towns offer an air of romance and exoticism that few other places can replicate.

· Paris

You know this list can’t be complete without the City of Love. Paris is full of stunning and picturesque proposal places. There’s arguably no better spot in the world for a romantic dinner and a proposal afterward than the Eiffel tower. And don’t forget the amazing views spreading out below you too; that make for a pleasant and magical sight.

Speak to your travel agent and see how you can secure the services of a reputable photographer to come along with you to make certain the special moment is preserved in timeless pictures. Better yet, simply use Flytographer to secure a local photographer.

· London

This European destination is only 6 or 7 hours away from the East Coast by plane, but it provides a uniquely different scenario for a proposal - not to mention it’s a fun city to explore!

If you’ve never been to a place called the Shard, that’s the first spot we recommend you head to because, for one, there’s nothing more delightful than having excellent drinks there. The capsule in the London Eye that gives you a great view of the city is a great proposal spot too.

There’s no shortage of great places you can propose to your loved one in London, so explore the many options and opportunities available to you.

· The Caribbean

If you’re based in the U.S. and looking for the perfect proposal spot that’s no more than a couple of hours away by plane, might we suggest the Caribbean?

The shimmering blue waters, the brilliant sunsets, and golden beaches all converge to make the Caribbean a truly wonderful place to make a proposal.

But if you’re not too keen on proposing in public spots, there are always private places you can take advantage of-a private pavilion comes to mind here.

Don’t forget the number of luxury hotels too because they make for great places to invite loved ones to witness that special moment you propose!

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If you plan to propose to a loved one on a cruise, on a great vacation, or if you’re already a step ahead and seek a great and exciting place for your honeymoon, Unlimited Trips will help plan the entire trip for you!