4 Fun Festivities in Fiji You Would love

Fiji island is one of the most beautiful Pacific Ocean destinations in the world. Stunning coastal cultures fill the place with color and flair. The music, dance, and food that Fiji offers attract vacationers and tourists worldwide.

Fiji festivals are always exciting, in no small part because of how playful and joyful the locals are. So, as a tourist, it’s quite the charm to be part of the local festivals. Below are a few festival activities in Fiji that you won’t want to miss.

· Festival of The Friendly North Celebration of Culture

This lovely festival celebrates Labasa’s history and culture, the biggest town on Vanua Levu Island. A few years back, the Friendly North Festival was a charitable event and one of Fiji’s most important festivals. Today, it’s even more significant, gaining momentum as more and more tourists discover it and realize how much fun it offers.

· Diwali – Festival of Light

A vast Indian population on the island has declared Diwali as one of the main festivities celebrated there. Diwali in Fiji is accompanied by firecrackers, light showers, parties, and lots of fun. Unlike in the South East Asian countries like India, Diwali is celebrated by lighting diyas.

· Fiji International Jazz and Blues

Want another place to enjoy Jazz and Blues? This festival is definitely for you! Being one of the most glamorous festivals in Fiji, these three long-day festivals haul international and local players and jazz enthusiasts. They converge to keep this music genre alive and kicking.

· New Year’s Eve

What can compare to celebrating the new year’s eve on the beach while enjoying Suva-Fiji’s capital? You will find spending the new year in Fiji quite enjoyable, especially with all the traditional dance performances, fireworks, and so on.

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