4 Highly Romantic Activities To Do Jamaica

Filled with a heavy presence of culture, diverse groups of people, beautiful landscape, and cozy spots, there is no reason the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica shouldn’t be the next stop for you and your loved one!

Whether you have just fallen in love for the first time, renewing your commitments to one another, or fanning the flames of a strained relationship, head on to Jamaica let the love island fill you up with magical moments.

Many places in Jamaica will give you and your loved one just the thing you crave, and we have rounded up four of those spots; you are welcome!

· Raft The Martha Brae River

Located on the north coast of Jamaica’s Trelawny, the Martha Brae River flows from the Windsor great cave ever so calmly and beautifully blue.

With the supervision of expert rafters, get on a raft with your partner, be in the moment, reminisce on good times, take in the serenity of the lush green scenery, and coast to your happily ever after.

· A Candle Lit Dinner At The Caves, Negril

With this location consistently named one of the most romantic places globally, one can only imagine the outstanding quality of food and ambiance it provides. Nothing says “I want you” quite like a private well-lit dinner of several course goodness.

If the warmth and coziness from the lit candles don’t do it, the great food and liqueur are sure to get you and your partner in the mood. So head on to Negril and book yourselves a luxurious night treat.

· A Swim In The Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio

This glistening turquoise and painfully beautiful pool in Port Antonio makes for a good and rejuvenating lovers' spot.

With claims at possessing aphrodisiac strength, it's little to no wonder why this spot is consistently agog with lovers all year round.

Making a trip out to Port Antonio with your lover just for a dip in the blue lagoon honestly isn’t a terrible idea.

· Watch The Sun Set

This can easily be the activity to cap off your romantic trip and get your feelings adequately adjusted.

Visit one of the several places that offer a location to lounge and watch the sunset with your sweetheart, whisper sweet nothings to each other, snuggle, and… *wink* *wink*

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