4 History Museums In Italy

Between the great st. Peter’s square constantly crawling with tourists and an endless number of renowned pizzerias; great tourist spots are never in short supply in Italy.

The country has proven to be a living, breathing piece of history and culture. Home to many historical buildings, paintings, arts, and history museums, Italy is the tourist’s holy grail. Even if you have combed through a good number of pizzerias and pasta houses, you have not seen the least of this beautiful country. Italy is steeped in rich history and art gracefully displayed in its history museums.

The nostalgic appeal of history museums in Italy is reserved not just for scholars and academics alone. These listed four are sure to thrill your senses as you walk its corridors!

· Museo Egizio

Translating to “Egyptian museum,” the Museo Egizio mostly curates Egyptian anthropological and archeological artifacts. Like the over 800 thousand yearly visitors that walk through its doors, if the Egyptian notorious and strong history appeals to you, then you must make your way to Turin.

With over more than 30,000 artifacts currently curated at the Museo Egizio and an easy-to-follow audio guide, your curiosity is sure to have a field day.

· Acropolis Museum

Delicately perched above Athens’ archeological sites like a fragile item, the exterior of the Acropolis museum subtly pays homage to the ancient and modern parts of the city.

The acropolis museum thrives on the findings of the archeological sites of the acropolis of Athens. One of its thrills is its transparent glass floor that lets visitors see ongoing excavations in real-time. The museum also possesses an Amphitheatre, a virtual theatre, and a hall for the temporary display of artifacts.

· South Tyrol Museum Of Archeology

You surely have heard about mummies or even seen them in movies; here is your chance to see a real-life WET mummy. The south Tyrol museum is a museum of archeology established in 1998 to house a natural mummy of a man from about 53 centuries ago!

Amazing, right? That is what the South Tyrol museum located in Bolzano promises to be. Take your family and curious little ones along for an insightful, fact-filled trip next summer!

· Museo De Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia focuses primarily on presenting artworks, archeological artifacts, and objects of applied art related to Brescia from a particular time period.

Ancient Roman bronze sculptures, Celtic artifacts, mosaics arts, and many more conventional arts that are light and appealing to the senses are here. These include the winged bronze statue of the victory of Brescia.

Conventional arts are popular for a reason, so get with the program as soon as possible; you may like it, you may even love it!

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