4 Restaurants In St. Lucia

Getting to experience different new cuisines particular to a specific place is one of the thrills of traveling. One doesn’t have to be a food enthusiast to appreciate a good meal!

You are heading to St. Lucia and have no idea where the best spots for sumptuous meals are? We got you!

· Fedo’s

Fedo’s is a must if you crave a local creole dish. With warm services and welcoming patrons, you are most certainly going to feel at home and almost never want to leave. So head on to Fedo’s and have an authentic St. Lucian dish.

· The Naked Fisherman Bar And Grill

It is a double pleasure with the Naked Fisherman because you get to enjoy their fish ceviche and chill shrimp for one. And it has a combination of beach and bar for your premium relaxation.

· The Beacon Restaurant

Among other titillating dishes it carries, the beacon restaurant also caters to people with special diet needs.

Suppose you are vegan, vegetarian, or eat purely gluten-free. In that case, you need not worry about going hungry because the Beacon restaurant has you covered.

· Big Chef Steakhouse

Renowned for mouth-watering steak dishes, Big chef’s steakhouse has quite a generous menu. One can liken the food at the steakhouse to soul food, seafood, noodles, shrimps, soups, salads, fillets, burgers, you name, it is all on the menu at Big Chef’s steak house!

They also offer delivery to private homes, hotels, villas, and yachts, and take-outs on specific days. If this sounds like your niche, then you know where you need to be!

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