4 Things You Must Learn to Do Before Visiting France

Do not feel silly for being excited about your first visit to France. Your joy is justified! Frankly, the tendency to have the time of your life in the city of light, Paris!

With all the tendencies that you have to the time of your life, things may hit rock bottom if you are not familiar with the Do’s and Don’ts. When in France, pay attention to the following!

Compliment the French

If there is anything that makes a Frenchman happy, a compliment does it! Do not stop saying a few good words about his looks; chip in some good talks for his food and taste in something as simple as wine – doing these things will earn you their affection, and otherwise, you incur their wrath.

Don’t Leave Valuable Things in Your Rented Car

Cities in France are examples of ‘beauty is pain.’ Their tourist centers are perfect to behold but not the best areas to be carefree and handle any of your properties with careless abandon.

Around all the beauty are thieves who do not mind getting your purse and making you suffer a little by stealing your luggage.

One of the best ways to beat them at their game is to never leave anything behind.

Say Bonjour

If you want a Frenchman to like you and give you the warmest welcome, communicate in their language. You should know that a Frenchman does not care about English and is not happy to speak It with you.

Since you’re in France, what choice do you have than to say Bonjour!? For people who are serious about having fun in France, taking a quick French class before traveling is essential.

Take the train

You are about to have the time of your life. Who says the fun cannot start in transit? With a train, you get the cheap, fast and safe service and worry less about not having access to a means of transportation in the evening.

You cannot go wrong with visiting France, except you go wrong with any of this fun unlocking tips.

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