4 Top Places to Visit in Greenland

Greenland is a country that is often overlooked by tourists. Even with incredible wildlife, ice, and mountainous landscapes that all offer scenic views and make for a memorable trip, the country is not usually among the top of the list for places to visit by many tourists.

Greenland is home to adventure and excitement, and Unlimited Trips would love to help you get there for your next vacation! Here are some of the most travel-worthy places to visit in Greenland.


This town is popularly called ‘the land of a thousand islands.’ Why? The reason is that it is located on an island on an archipelago. Sailing, kayaking, and fishing are some of the activities that locals within the island engage in, and so can you!

Aasiaat is the educational headquarters of North Greenland. You can get to Aasiaat by air or by sea using the coastal ferry, Sarfaq Ittuk, which docks twice a week from May to August. The town has a lively culture, and it lets you soak yourself in its rich islands.


This is the largest island in the whole of Greenland. The name means ‘the biggest island.’ The island has natural hot springs with its rich and green landscape. Such hot springs are quite convenient after some kayaking and hiking. Dog sledding and snowmobiling are other exciting activities you can engage in during winter there.


Maniitsoq has a population of just about 2,600. It is often referred to as the ‘Venice of Greenland’ because of the small natural canals; this town has a reputation for angling.

It is located between Nuuk and Kangerlussuaq. In Kangerlussuaq, you can ski from the top of the island down to sea level, so thrill-seekers will be pleased to learn of this!


Nanortalik is the southernmost town in Greenland. There are steep, jagged mountains and sea ice floating beyond the town, and they’re a sight on their own.

This town provides the perfect terrain for climbers as well as those interested in exploring Tasermiut fjord. Nanortilk also has Greenland’s only natural forest found in Qinngua Valley.

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