4 Top Samoan Dishes You Must Try

Samoa is an island country in the central South Pacific Ocean. Regarded as The Cradle of Polynesia, it is known for its Polynesian culture, reflected in its arts, music and dance styles, and delectable cuisine.

It is also the home country of the famous Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson. Let us entice your taste buds through some of Samoa’s best dishes!

· Kale Moa

Kale Moa is the Samoan version of chicken curry. It is made with coconut milk, flour, oil, curry powder, carrots, celery, ginger, garlic, and onions.

This wonderful blend of spices gives Kale Moa a balance of sweet-spicy savory flavors. The chicken curry is served alongside white rice.

· Panikeke

Panikeke is a Samoan version of pancakes, but it comes in a round shape, like small golden balls, unlike the Western flat circles.

It is made with flour, sugar, salt, eggs, milk, and baking powder. It is a traditional Samoan breakfast meal and is served with fruits, jam, or whipped cream.

Panikeke can be made in two varieties: plain or with a banana flavoring when mashed bananas are mixed into the dough before frying.

· Suafa’i

Suafa’i is an unusual-looking dish without any visual appeal, but it packs a ton of flavor. It is a banana soup with tapioca pearls, sugar, and coconut milk, boiled together in the water.

It is best to use overripe as they are sweeter and softer, giving the Suafa’i a smoother consistency. You can enjoy it as a dessert or perhaps breakfast and be served hot or cold depending on your choice.

· Masi Samoa

Masi Samoas are coconut cookies filled with tasty butter and coconut flavors. They look bland and plain but are a delicacy in Samoa.

Made with eggs, flour, coconut milk, baking powder, butter, vanilla, and sugar, they are eaten plainly or with butter or fruit jams for spread. Masi is better eaten with a hot cup of cocoa on the side.

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