4 Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist In Barcelona

Barcelona is one city that is exquisite and fittingly littered with fannypack-slinging tourists all year round.

Most returning and first-time visitors always crave the full experience of the ideal Catalonian living. Sometimes, sticking out like a sore thumb ruins your chances of experiencing authentic and premium Barcelona.

Here are some of the things you must NOT do if you ever consider back-packing through Barcelona!

  • Dress For The Season

Try not to swaddle yourself in layers of clothing at a time when everyone else is scantily clad.

Not only will you look alien and odd, but you also will attract sneers and snide remarks, and that is enough to ruin a good day.

  • Keep Your Valuables Away From The Public Eyes

Your valuables like your camera should not be on display except it is in use. You are in a place that you have little or no knowledge of its workings.

So, it would be wise to place your valuables safely away from public eyes to avoid attracting pickpockets.

Another reason you should put away those expensive items is you don’t want the locals to see you as a condescending show-off who thinks he is better than them. It will not bode well for you or your tour of the area if you become blackballed by the locals.

  • Do Not Eat At Las Ramblas

Choosing this spot for dinner would have been perfect a couple of years back. Currently, like every other cliché in the book, it has become a “checklist” item for most first-time visitors. This knowledge is applied to serve unsuspecting tourists cheap meals and old glory.

You may want to choose a less popular restaurant to get your money’s worth if you are in Barcelona.

  • Never Call The City “Barca”

You might as well wear a giant label that reads “from out of town” if you ever let the word “Barca“ escape your lips. Don’t use that as a way to refer to the city.

True Catalans have the utmost respect for their characteristics, and culture among other things. And this respect is what would never make them refer to Barcelona as Barca. So please stick to saying Barcelona.

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