5 Must-See Places in Grenada

Grenada is a top place to get a taste of Caribbean culture and this island is very accommodative with lots of beautiful beaches and resorts. Here at Unlimited Trips, we can help you with your vacation plans to Grenada.

For a place with so many beautiful places to see, this article can help you mark off some of the best and must-see places for your visit. Ready? Read on for more.

· Grand Anse Beach

Also known as the “Granddaddy” of all the 45 beaches in Grenada, you definitely want to visit this beach. It is a 2-mile-long stretch of creamy white sand that is picture-perfect with beautiful bright colors from the exotic restaurants and brightly colored boats around. If you want to sunbathe, this is the beach for you.

· Seven Sisters Falls

At the Seven Sisters, you’ll have to hike through a plantation where you’ll get to see trees like banana, nutmeg, cocoa, etc. The path can be a little muddy, but the soothing and relaxing waters in Grenada are at the end of the trip so wear something comfortable and have no problem with getting a little messy.

At the falls, you can have a picnic on the rocks and then swim alongside amazing marine life for the most fun day ever! We hope you include the Seven Sisters Falls in your itinerary when you visit Grenada.

· The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd

We know you’ve had award-winning chocolate, but have you had it right from the source? We promise it’s a whole new experience. One that will make you never want to leave! Pay a visit to this company to taste chocolate made from the famous Trinitario cocoa beans.

· The River Antoine Rum Distillery

At the River Antoine Rum Distillery, you get a chance to taste rum from a company that has been producing rum since 1785. It is the oldest water-powered distillery in the Caribbean and you can join a guided tour that will take you through the process of making rum. It covers the harvesting of the sugarcane, the fermentation process, and even the bottling process.

After this fun and educative tour, you are welcomed to a free sample of the rum that is sure to clear your sinuses. This rum is so strong that you cannot carry it back home on an airplane! There is however a less potent version available for purchase that you can take home with you.

· The Underwater Sculpture Garden

This park is north of the capital St. George and is one of the most popular locations for snorkeling and Scuba diving in Grenada.

It was designed by Jason de Caires Taylor has proven successful in attracting a great array of marine life. It is intended as an artificial reef to ease environmental pressure on the other reefs that are existent. Visit this garden and swim down to enjoy the underwater world of these beautiful man-made sculptures.

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