5 Top-Rated Natural Attractions in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. This beautiful island nation offers so many attractions and activities to its visitors.

There are incredible museums, markets, delicious cuisines, cultural and historical attractions, and many natural attractions. Below are some of the top-rated natural attractions in Taiwan!

· Kinmen Islands

The Kinmen Islands became popular after the 1949 battle between the Nationalists and Communists.

The islands have since been attracting tourists worldwide, not only because it was the battle site, but because of its incredible scenic views, historical buildings, beautiful beaches, and lush vegetation.

The Kinmen Islands is also popularly known for its delicious cuisine and fantastic dining experiences.

· Kenting National Park

Kenting is known for its beautiful scenic views, stunning beaches, and excellent climate conditions.

There are lots of fun activities and entertaining shows that will keep you engaged throughout your stay. There are also many tourist attractions to visit in Kenting, including the national park.

The Kenting National Park is commonly regarded as the oldest national park in Taiwan and is a popular tourist destination that attracts many visitors yearly.

· Wulai

Wulai is famous in Taiwan for its hot springs, beautiful scenes, and rich cultural heritage. You will enjoy lots of outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, hiking, or having a relaxing time in the hot spring.

After a long day engaging in adventurous activities, treat yourself to delicious food offered in the town.

The indigenous arts and crafts are outstanding, and you shouldn't miss out on buying some of those lovely masterpieces.

· Alishan National Scenic Area

The Alishan National Scenic Area is a wild and mountainous area with over 25 mountains, each of which is over 2000 meters high.

There are also many hills, valleys, forests, and stunning waterfalls. You can explore the reserve and its beautiful scenery through Alishan Forest Railway trails, leading you right through the ruins of a Shinto temple at Fenqihu.

· Toroko National Park

The Toroko National Park has so many beautiful landscapes and other natural attractions like steep valleys and mountains. The highlight of the natural attractions is the impressive Taroko Gorge.

While visiting the national park, you can enjoy hiking, rafting, or even bathing in the waterfall.

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