A Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

Whether you’re a down to earth couple or you love a big party, every couple needs to have a checklist. A checklist will help you know when you are going according to plan or when you need to speed things up a bit. Your destination wedding is probably the biggest party you’d have ever thrown in your life, and you can’t just wing it.

If you think destination means the Caribbean, Bali, or Europe, think again! While those locations are definitely doable, we can also plan weddings in South Carolina, New Hampshire, California, Arizona, or any other domestic locations!. So here is a general sample checklist that you can use to start your destination wedding planning checklist. You can add or remove activities, depending on the kind of ceremony that you’ll be having.

12 Months Before

Know Your Budget

No budget equals no wedding. Don’t risk starting your new life together bankrupt.

Organize Your Guest List

A destination wedding means fewer guests so keep that in mind.

Round-Up Your Wedding Party

If you’ll be having your friends play a role in your wedding, now’s the time to ask them.

Book Your Venue

Will it be an indoor or outdoor venue? You need to get it locked down. You should also hire your local wedding planner, caterer, officiant, and photographer.

Send Out Your Save The Dates

This will give your guests time to prepare so they can be available on your date.

8 Months Before

Get Your Wedding Dress

Whether you’re renting or buying, you need to get the dress this early so that any fixes that need to be done can be done on time.

Choose A Wedding Theme

Themes make everything easier. Your décor, wedding dress code, and other details become much more comfortable to decide on once you have a theme in place.

6 Months Before

Book A Florist

With professionals like these, the best recommendations usually come from family and friends, so be sure to ask them while looking around yourself.

Book Your Entertainment

Are you having a DJ or a wedding band? Now’s the time to set up a meeting and book them.

4 Months Before

Purchase Your Rings

Buy them and resize them if necessary, so that they’re ready in time for your wedding.

2 Months Before

Order Your Invitations

Start with one first, so you can ensure that no mistakes have been made and then order the rest.

Organize Transport

How will you and your wedding party be getting to and from your event? Set it up now.

6 Weeks Before

Handle Your Legalities

File your license and have it approved. Your officiant or local wedding planner may also be able to help you with this.

Send Out Your Invites

It’s time to let your guests know that your celebration time is almost near.

2 Days Before


You’re at your destination and your vendors and other professionals should be able to handle things from this point. You don’t want to look stressed at your wedding.

Pamper Yourself

Get a fresh manicure, pedicure, and a massage.

Put Your Emergency Kit Together

It should contain necessities like bobby pins, a sewing kit, blotting paper, makeup, tweezers, tissue, painkillers, mints, clear polish, wipes, the phone numbers of all your vendors and more.

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