Albania Reopens, Explore Berat

Anyone who intends to tour the Balkan trails must stop at Albania’s Berat, one of the many stunning cities of the country with unique architectural appeal.

Albania has officially reopened with no PCR test or quarantine requirements, although travelers will be screened at the airports.

These are some of the ancient and beautiful places in Berat that promise an insightful and great time!

· Onufri Museum

This is a beautiful structure with sixteenth-century paintings of the greatest Albanian painter of all time.

The Onufri Museum can be found in Kala district’s Church of the Dormition of Saint Mary, which dates to 1797 and is built on the foundations of a former chapel. There will be more than enough things to please your camera here!

· The Old Mosques of Berat

Visit Mangalem, the Muslim quarter of Berat, home to three beautiful mosques open to the public.

The sultan’s mosque, located near the Halveti Teqe, is one of the oldest structures there. And it is used by the Bektashi branch of the dervish order faithful.

While the intricately painted bachelor’s mosque was built for bachelors, the Lead Mosque (Buşatlı Mehmet Pasha) is famous for its sphere-shaped dome made out of lead.

You do not have to be Muslim to appreciate the beauty and opulence of the old mosques of Berat!

· Mangalemi Restaurant

To cap off an already eventful trip, dine at the Mangalemi Restaurant. You will find the best traditional Albanian dinner at Mangalemi restaurant that serves authentic and typical Berat cuisine.

An extensive menu awaits you, but tavë Kosi (lamb baked in yogurt sauce) should be the top of your list of meals to try! We highly recommend it along with some traditional Albanian cheeses.

And if you get there on a good weather day, find time and sit on the terrace for a great view of the Mangalemi rooftops.

We have barely scratched the surface of the beautiful Berat, so call us at (330) 940-4321 to learn about other places to make a stop in the city.

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