Are American Tourists Allowed Out of The Country Right Now?

Yes, they are, thankfully. The US government has recently lifted the restriction on Americans to travel out of the country. However, upon returning to the US, some tourists may face a 14-day quarantine (depending on the state) to ensure that they’ve not contracted the deadly virus during their travel.

But some states have no quarantine requirements. American tourists should ensure to have a travel insurance policy that covers COVID-19. Here is a list of places American tourists are allowed to visit.

· Bahamas

Subject to PCR testing and 14-day quarantine requirements, American tourists are now allowed to travel to the Bahamas. The rule is called the “VIP” or “Vacation-in-place” rule.

The Bahamas has had many confusing travel updates for American tourists because travel was allowed in June, then banned, and is now allowed again.

New rules were set out to include a negative-PCR test no older than 10 days before arrivals and an online health declaration needs to be filled.

That being said, there are now many direct flights from the US to the Bahamas. Flying from Miami takes only 50 minutes; other direct flights include New York, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Charlotte, and Orlando.

· Barbados

Barbados opened its borders to American tourists on July 12th, 2020. And because American travelers are considered travelers with a ‘high risk’ of exposure to COVID-19, they will need to bring a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours before departure.

However, since August, stricter entry rules and requirements have been implemented in an addendum to the already set rules. Direct flights include: from New York on Jet Blue, Miami on American, and Charlotte on American also.

· Belarus

Also on the list of places opened for American tourists is Belarus. Even though it is a small landlocked nation in Eastern Europe and might not be a tourism hotspot of the world, it’s still another option for Americans looking to explore and reunite with loved ones abroad.

Belarus is accepting over 75 nations with no quarantine rule and a recommended 48-hour PCR test. (It is pertinent to note that that might change in the future and we will have you updated once it does).

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