Be The First To Visit Mykonos Post-Lockdown

It has been two weeks since the country’s first official tourist season was declared open since the pandemic, but it still feels like a ghost town.

With all the safety protocols put in place, you and your friends have an advantage over other vacationers! You could be the first group of people to take thousands of Instagram pictures with the gorgeous white and blue Mykonos backdrop!

· Mykonos

Tourists have started to make their way back to the beautiful island slowly but surely. However, clubs are yet to reopen pending when the Greek government declares the 80 islands COVID-safe for travelers by the end of June.

The Greek government hopes to open up the islands through an aggressive vaccination campaign to ensure that all islanders have been completely vaccinated.

The Mykonos vaccination Center is fully booked with vaccination appointments by the islanders.

· Who Can Visit Mykonos

Tourists eligible to visit Mykonos must be vaccinated, provide a negative PCR test, or prove having recovered from the virus.

· What To Do in Mykonos

There’s a wealth of options available to you here. All of them are great, and it’s up to you to decide which of them you want to try first!

Seek out the Chora Windmills

It was used to refine grains for many centuries with the high winds that regularly blow on the island. Although the use of windmills has dwindled drastically since the advent of technology, it is still the most prominent tourist attraction of Mykonos, alongside little Venice.

While most are no longer in existence, the surviving seven are used as museums or private homes. Taking a walk up to the mills is highly fulfilling as it offers a panoramic view of the sunset.

Have a drink in little Venice

A cocktail in hand while lounging in this beautiful neighborhood is such a thrill. Taking its name from uncanny semblance to Venice, it is splattered with houses of various delightful colors perched on sea edges.

Most of the houses which have now become bars and sophisticated restaurants are some of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset.

Stroll Around Mykonos Town

What is a trip to Mykonos without losing yourself in its streets of gorgeous bougainvilleas, white houses, and blue doors and windows? Make your way to the Matogiania area and see some of the best places in the town’s center.

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