COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Quebec City; What You Need to Know

Quebec, like most cities, is fighting to return to normalcy since the pandemic broke out, having seen some of its lockdown restrictions lifted.

Therefore, it is best to confirm your schedule with the different bodies in charge before booking a trip to Quebec city. Do this to make sure that you can come into the city, giving all that is going on.

  • What Can Be Accessed Right Now in Quebec?

Quebec City is doing everything within its capacity to create more allowances for visitors and return life to normal in general.

Visitors have found that the city of Quebec is a safe destination, especially in the wake of COVID-19. It makes sure that all health measures put out by the governing officials are always carried out to the fullest at all times.

Because of its priority in maintaining health standards, it has been able to keep businesses in tourism open. Thus, visitors can get to see how beautiful the city is in summer.

Attraction sites, outdoor parks, urban parks, restaurants, accommodations, etc., are all ready to welcome visitors from Quebec. But, of course, this is only on the condition you’ll comply with actual health measures put in place.

  • What is The State of Restrictions in Québec City?

If you are traveling to Quebec for business or tourism, here are some note-worthy restrictions that you will encounter.

· 25% occupation for businesses located in office buildings

· Workers in office premises must be those strictly attending to clients; otherwise, the remote working style must be applied. Necessary measures must be implemented to ensure their health and safety.

· Wearing nose masks or face covers is mandatory, especially in closed places, partially opened sites, and public transports for people aged ten and above.

· Tourists and customers in attraction sites and restaurants must be limited. Given this limitation, it is highly recommended to book or call ahead before embarking on a trip to Quebec at this time to be sure they are not fully booked.

· All travelers arriving in Quebec from outside of Canada must undergo 14 days of mandatory isolation and quarantine as soon as they come into Canada.

To know more about the intricacies of traveling to Quebec from within and outside of Canada at this time, contact us here. We will answer all questions and make it easy for you to travel at this time.

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