Explore Egypt Through These Hiking Trails as Tourist Activities Return to The Country

Egypt, having been around since the pre-historic period, is one country that lives up to the hype in all things tourism.

One of its main attraction amongst so many is its spectacular hiking trails that is like no other in the world. This is why we are excited that tourism has returned to the country!

Entrance into Egypt is granted at the provision of a negative PCR test written in English and Arabic and taken under 72 hours before departure and 96 for travelers from Frankfurt, South and North America, Thailand, China, Canada, Paris, London, and Japan. An approved laboratory must also stamp this result.

All travelers are also expected to complete a mandatory personal monitoring card to provide evidence of health insurance upon arrival.

Tourists coming in from the coastal governorates of the Red Sea, Marsa Matrouh, and Sinai, who cannot give a negative test proof, will take a test upon arrival at a fixed cost. Travelers who test positive must undergo a 14 days isolation.

· Mount Moses, Sinai

Its religious essence makes it one of the most exciting and meaningful hike trails in all of Egypt. One of its most captivating sites is the towering Jebel El-Tur in Sinai, around 2258 m in height.

You may have a sore foot at the end of the day, but you get to literally walk the trails of Moses and experience the soul-soothing sunset and sunrise of the area. A genuinely spiritual experience!

· The Blue Lagoon of Dahab

With Rich and colorful coral reefs, unique species of fish, and a great hiking trail, it is little wonder Dahab ranks among top diving spots in Egypt.

Take in the beautiful blue waters and mountains of Sinai as you hike through the Blue Hole and the enchanting protectorate of Ras Abu Gallum, ending at the Blue Lagoon.

Across all continents of the world, not many countries can match Egypt’s tourism prowess and stride. So call us at (330) 940-4321 let us help you plan an all-encompassing trip to Egypt.

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