Globus: Bringing Dreams to Life

Is there somewhere on this vast earth that you’ve always wanted to see, experience, and engrave in the warmest regions of your mind? Perhaps the beautiful, dreamlike, and endless waterfalls of South America? Maybe the uncanny and fascinating animals roaming the untamed lands of Africa? Does the thought of walking atop the endless beaches of Australia fill you with excitement? Globus can help you experience all these and many more, and we’ll tell you how!

We are Unlimited Trips, a full-service travel agency in Akron, Ohio, and part of the concierge-like services we offer entail working with exceptional travel package companies. The Globus Family of Brands is one of the best we’ve worked with and suffice to say, securing their services simply means your vacation is in good hands.

Your vacation should be an opportunity for you to live out things only possible in your dreams, and Globus make it a priority for you to achieve this. They are more than equipped to handle such a task.

If you consider the fact they’ve been giving vacationers and travelers from all around the world the opportunity to experience exotic lands, new peoples, and colorful cultures for a little under 100 years, you’ll understand why they’re one of the world’s best travel package companies!

They had humble beginnings in Switzerland when their founder, Antonio Mantegazz, would row a boat across Lake Lugano to transport commercial goods. Globus have come a long way from that, now being a group of independent travel package companies with a great reach around the world.

Have a read below and see why Globus are an obvious choice to make if you seek a vacation to the most amazing places around the world.

· They Make All the Plans

Perhaps one of the most unappealing things about a vacation is planning it. Yes, there are steps you can take to make it more endearing but why do that when there are professionals out there who can do everything for you?

Globus is always one step ahead of the competition because they seek out the best hotels, the places that offer the most delectable food, the regions that offer great opportunities for incredible sightseeing, and friendly people who will accommodate you and welcome you!

Neither think nor worry about the stress of planning for your vacation because they’ll do it for you. They’ll take care of the details so you only need to worry about making the most of your vacation! In the end, what they want for you is an experience that will forge wonderful memories every minute of the vacation!

· They Go the “Extra” Mile

Another thing vacationers aren’t too keen about is spending extra cash and honestly, who would? But Globus also understand their clients want the best, so they make it easier on them by including extra goodies in the price of the vacation: So, more opportunities for sightseeing, more unique places to visit, and more fascinating attractions for you! You get all this in your vacation price and won’t have to spend a single penny again.

· They Are Experts in What They Do

When you travel, you become a stranger in a new, exciting, and even a strange land. In all likelihood, you’ll have little to no knowledge about the people, their customs, the best tourist spots, and such.

Globus has experts that know and understand the people, their culture, the towns, cities, lay of the and pretty much the way of life of the locals. These experts will be with you every step of the way, helping you communicate with the people and taking you to places where you’ll have the most fun!

Globus’ experts know the history and the lore of the dwellers of the locals, and that knowledge helps them to make the vacation experience even better for you.

Do you know what else Globus knows? They know that Unlimited Trips offer services that work in tandem with and complement their own, so if you’re looking for an excellent travel agency in Ohio, look no further than us!

Whether you’re going for a destination wedding in any of the countries Globus covers, or perhaps a honeymoon or cruise, we can help bring your plans to fruition.

Simply click here to contact us and we promise you a vacation that you’ll never forget. It will be an experience that compels you to smile each time you reminisce on how wonderful it had been. Unlimited Trips; book your trip with confidence!