How to Choose the Right Time of the Year for Your Destination Wedding

Your wedding should be thoroughly planned from A to Z – and choosing a wedding season is most definitely among the first big steps to take towards your dream wedding. How to choose the right time of the year for the Big Day? Read on – we’ve gathered some tips to help you with this.

· Let It Be A Season You Love

If you have a favorite season that inspires you and is representative of your personality, or even for your love story, go for it. Setting this as your wedding season will add even more meaningfulness to the Big Day, making it ideal from every single point of view!

PS: Yes, all seasons are brilliant for weddings – it all depends on what you like more, in the end. Don’t forget to take into account that because it’s summer where you are, does not necessarily mean that it’s summer at the destination you want for your wedding. Research on what season it currently is over there.

· A Great Idea for Savings

Go during the offseason. Looking for ways to save some money on the Big Day? Aside from minimizing the guest list, the next best thing you can do is being smart about the wedding season you choose.

Vendors and venues tend to be more expensive in the summer, so taking any of the months outside of this time span will surely save you a good bunch of dollars. But people choose offseason not only for savings. They also choose it because things tend to be more private with fewer tourists around then.

· Choose A Matching Theme

Can you imagine an outdoor rustic wedding in the middle of winter? It’s not folly to say your decorations and much kore could just end up frozen. Thus, you should make sure your wedding season matches your ideal wedding theme, if you have something very particular in mind. Again, keep in mind that you are using the season at your wedding destination.

· Be Ready to Compromise

Sadly, you can’t have it all – so try to find compromise solutions to suit your needs. For instance, if you have a restricted budget but still want a summer wedding, you might want to set it at the ending of the summer (it’s still very warm outside, but prices begin to drop).

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