Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh Fun! — Vacations With Furry Friends

Looking for a vacation with new sights and new experiences? Well, we’ve got something for you. Check out these awesome vacation spots with a few extra surprises!

Sky Falconry — San Diego, CA

If you’re a bird lover, your next trip might be to San Diego, California. Not only will you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a mountain vacation, but you also get to experience what some pretty famous birds of prey are like. Sky Falconry can teach you the basics of falconry and its history so you can become an expert, too! Just make sure to wear an outfit that goes with gloves.

There are so many options to choose from on how you want to interact. With the beginner lessons, you can also participate in a “Hawk Walk,” which gives the ultimate meet and greet with a few feathered friends. If you’re looking for something a little more intimate and exotic, check out the “Private Raptor Experience.” This gives you a small group that explores the lives of raptors. So if you want to soar to new heights and feel the wind in your feathers, plan your next trip to Sky Falconry.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The Kangaroo Sanctuary — Alice Springs, Australia

Bunnies aren’t the only cuties that hop around. The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Australia will leave you wanting to adopt a ‘roo as they teach you all of the ways you can help with wildlife. The offer of a sunset stroll through the 188 acre reservation will give you so many photo ops, you’ll struggle to choose which picture to post on Instagram!

The Kangaroo Sanctuary takes in orphaned baby kangaroos and gives them the life they deserve. They also give you the vacation you deserve because who doesn’t want to love on a baby ‘roo?

This sanctuary is hoppin’ with Red Kangaroos, which is the famous icon of Australia itself. This vacation will give you experiences like no other and leave you wanting to move to Australia.

Image by Viola ‘ from Pixabay

Dog Sledding — Greenland

Are you a fan of four-legged and barking buddies? Then Greenland is the place for you. Traveling to this colder vacation spot offers a lot of different and cultural experiences that you can take with you even when you head back home.

Dog sledding is a major part of Greenland, as they work to live off/with nature. Sounds pretty green, right? Working dogs help residents get around the arctic setting, and they’ll help you, too. Staying in a cozy home with the beautiful sights of a wintry wonderland is the ultimate relaxation.

A place to disconnect from the digital world without all the hustle and bustle is exactly what you’ll find out there. Be sure to dress warmly, though! Just because the dogs will help you travel through the snow doesn’t always mean they’re willing to give you cuddles in the middle of their workday.

Giraffe Manor — Nairobi, Kenya

Need a long vacation? Maybe with a few spots? Look no further. Staying at the Giraffe Manor can have you hanging out for days with a few tall friends. The rooms in this hotel can be reached by the herd of Giraffes that live in a nearby forest sanctuary.

Since the hotel rooms are so accessible, leaving your window open might invite a hungry giraffe to peek in. If that happens, no worries! They just want to say hello and beg for a little treat before rejoining with the rest of the herd.

With that kind of entertainment, who really needs a television?! Here you can enjoy the beauty of Kenya while relaxing at your hotel. It’s a unique experience and a place to sleep all rolled into one.

Elephant Nature Park — Thailand

There is almost nothing cuter than an elephant, so don’t miss an opportunity to see them up close and personal in Thailand. The Elephant Nature Park offers day and night tours with special activities to make a fun-filled vacation.

Booking a tour will give you a chance to bathe an elephant and feed them, too, if they’re a little hungry. This park is also a rescue and rehabilitation center for elephants so you can interact with gentle souls that could use some extra love.

You also get to choose between doing a simple day tour or staying overnight to get a darker (literally) tour. If you want to try something completely new and extend your friend group to include the “elephant in the room,” head to Thailand!

Don’t let your vacation be the same old trip to the beach. Try something new. And be sure to throw in some fuzzy friends to add to the adventure!