Summer 2021 in Mexico For US travelers: What to Expect

Air travel now is allowed for travelers going from the US to Mexico. They will not be required to produce a negative PCR test or even be subjected to quarantine. However, they will be made to fill out health questionnaire forms on most resorts.

Upon returning to the US, American travelers will be required to produce a negative Covid-19 test result within 72 hours or less before leaving for the US. According to the US Embassy, this is necessary because the results are only reliably available in Mexico within the 72hr time frame.

The US CDC, on June 7, moved Mexico’s advisory rating from risk level 4 to risk level 3, lowering it from a “very high” risk level to a “high” risk level. However, it also advised travelers to make sure they are fully vaccinated before traveling to Mexico.

· What’s The Attraction

Beautiful places are not in short supply in Mexico. Its delicious cuisine, wild beaches that spread beyond panoramic views, and beach resorts in Cancun have proven to be travelers’ favorites over time. The historical ruins and dainty tows, etc., are all unique attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Travelers who prefer a more in-depth experience of Mexico can also make their way to the coastline of Baja California or visit traditional towns such as Oaxaca.

· What Restrictions Should I Expect

You will be asked to fill a health declaration form and scan the QR code it generates once you arrive.

No tests or quarantine is required before departure, and travel is strictly restricted to air. The land border between the US and Mexico remains closed except for essential travel.

· Current Situation in Mexico

A four-tier traffic light system of restrictions has been put in place in Mexico. Red denotes a maximum restriction in place, while orange means that a 30% occupation limit has been placed in public and workspaces. Yellow means that all work can resume in public places and gatherings.

Areas with green lighting have no restrictions at all. Most states fall under the yellow and green category, and none is in the red category as of June 18.

Thus, regulations and curfew rulings are likely to vary across cities in Mexico, depending on the obtainable situation in the area.

Planning a trip at this time may be complicated but not impossible. Contact us to learn more about the activities you can safely enjoy while you are in Mexico. Unlimited Trips are your best bet at an eventful vacation all year round!