Take Note of These as You Plan to Tour Kenya Now

If you have been putting a safari trip to one of Africa’s famed, wild and coastal nations on hold because of COVID travel restrictions, that ends today!

Since August 1, 2020, travelers who present negative PCR test results issued within 96 hours of departure to Kenya and digitally verified through Trusted Travel Initiative have been eligible to visit the country.

Although there is no quarantine for vacationers from select countries, all travelers must complete an online Travelers Health Surveillance form. Below are a few things to know as you make travel plans to Kenya!

· Trade By Barter is Legit

Trade by barter is a legitimate means of petty purchase in many parts of the country, so you will love Kenya if you enjoy bartering.

You can get items like a wristwatch, a pair of pants, or other clothing items as souvenirs. It is also polite to give out items you no longer have use for but are in good condition to locals.

· Blend In

We advise you to try and blend in when visiting a country like Kenya. As great a tourist destination as the country is, Kenya still has widespread poverty, so it is void of common sense to dress up in shiny jewelry. Moreover, carrying around flashy and expensive items can make you vulnerable to petty thieves and pickpockets.

· There Are Two Rainy Seasons

It is essential to know that Kenya has two rainy seasons; one starts from the end of March and ends in May, while the shorter of the two occurs in October. Spotting animals during a safari is much easier in the dry season, and the roads are much better.

Although it is of no significant disturbance travel-wise, it may make things a lot more convenient for you to plan your trip to Kenya around the dry season.

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