Take Your Romance to Armenia This Summer as Travel Restrictions Are Removed

Summer is here, and it’s great that most countries are opening back up just in time. That is why we are beyond excited that you can finally have an Armenian getaway this summer with your loved one!

With all of its beauty, history, landscape, and scenic splendor, the Republic of Armenia is just the country for the romantic in all of us.

Air and land borders of the Republic of Armenia Remains open to foreigners. However, following the Government Decree: № 1514-N of 11 September 2020 amendments, which took effect from 17 May 2021, the following are required.

Travelers who seek to enter the Republic of Armenia will either provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate taken within the past 72 hours or evidence of completion of COVID-19 vaccine with the second dosage taken within 14 days before arrival. None of these are, however, required for infants one year and below.

Incoming travelers from Russia should present these certificates through the “Путешествую без COVID-19” mobile app.

In view of this, here are some of the most romantic places you should visit in beautiful Armenia!

· Dilijan Parz Lake

Parz lake is an enchanting place in Dilijan cloaked in romance. Its charming view and virgin green forests bring such a laid-back coolness to the area that makes it the perfect date spot for couples.

The Café-like “Trimaran” floating across the lake adds an extra layer of sophistication to the scenic Parz Lake surrounding and makes for great pictures.

· The Swinging Bridge of Khndzoresk

Connecting two banks of the Khndzoresk village and running across a deep canyon is the incredible 160 meters long metal bridge.

As durable as the swinging bridge is, one can hardly believe it was hand-made by the Syunik locals.

Strutting hand in hand with your partner across this bridge while taking in one of the most picturesque landscapes you will ever see is nothing short of romantic!

· Etchmiadzin

This city is home to the extraordinary lovers’ bench constructed with a lower center. That center forces couples having issues to slide towards the middle of the bench and talk to each other! Pretty clever, don’t you think?

Although this may have little or no effect at all, it is cute nonetheless and makes for a fun memory.

Let out the romantic in you and plan the most fantastic getaway for yourself and your partner. Secure the services of Unlimited Trips, and we’ll make sure you have a fun trip to Armenia and back again.

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