Travel Essentials to Bring on Your Trip to Tanzania Now That You Can Tour the Country

So, you’ve decided to take a trip to the home of Africa’s highest mountain, the Islands of Zanzibar, and the Serengeti National Park.

It’s a good thing that all travel restrictions have been lifted as of June 2021. However, visitors must submit to an extensive medical check on arrival, fill out immigration forms during flights, and travelers with symptoms will have to take a PCR test.

Travelers who appear to be in good health will not need to quarantine. To get you started on a great trip to Tanzania, we have rounded up some travel essentials you need to bring along for a great tour!

· Comfortable Shoes

You will most likely do a lot of walking in Tanzania; therefore, it is essential to pack a pair or two comfortable sneakers that you don’t mind getting soiled.

In addition, for an easy safari and hiking experience, a couple of sturdy boots with great ankle comfort and thick socks are necessary.

You will also need some flip-flops for poolside lounging or flat sandals for beach activities.

· Binoculars

A pair of Binoculars help spot wildlife either from a reasonable distance or when they are lurking behind tall glasses. It will also help you spot birds on treetops and have a great viewing experience generally.

· Swahili Phrasebook

For easier connection with the locals, it is best to purchase a Swahili phrasebook ahead of your trip and learn a few phrases for greeting and exchanging pleasantries.

Although ethnically diverse with over 120 languages, Swahili is the most spoken. Therefore, an effort to speak the language will earn you smiles and admiration from the locals!

You can also call us at (330) 940-4321 to find out ways to maximize your time in Tanzania. So now that you are all set, contact us to help get you to Tanzania to enjoy a unique and pleasant vacation!

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