Vacation Upgrades that are 100% Worth It

Vacations are meant to be luxurious and relaxing. We feel that you should have to do as little work as possible and indulge in the VIP lifestyle. Since they typically come only once a year, we think you’re entitled to a little pampering with these well-worth-it upgrades!

Club Floors

Most well-known hotels have a floor dedicated to Club Only members, however you may be able to stay on these floors for an added cost. Besides not offering access to the general public, club floors usually offer other perks, as well. The rooms are often a bit nicer, have better views, and may have gifts like a fruit basket, wine, complimentary coffee or bar service, or robes. There may even be an unpacking/packing service so you have more time to enjoy your destination. Finally, there is typically a Club Floor Lounge where you can be treated to appetizers, meals, drinks, and good conversation.

Because of our experience, we know which hotel Club floors are worth the upgrade, and which are only slightly more luxurious than the standard rooms. We can advise you on booking hotels with the best views and resorts with the best service.

Global Entry

Meet & Greet

Not traveling to Jamaica? We can find you similar experiences at your destination – it’s what we do!

Private Transfer Vehicles

Oceanfront Room

Imagine the soothing sound of crashing waves lulling you to sleep and waking to the sunrise over the ocean. Unfortunately, Northeast Ohio doesn’t offer this delightful experience on the daily, so you have to take advantage of it when you can! An oceanfront view changes just any other hotel in any boring city to your vacation accommodation at the beach! To us, this upgrade is a must.

You may not know this, but only a few resorts in Punta Cana offer oceanfront rooms due to construction and buildings. That doesn’t stop some hotels from advertising ocean views, though. Insider tips like this are what you can expect when you hire us. We’ll be sure that your booking delivers on what you’re paying for.

Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon or an annual family vacation, you deserve to spoil yourself. Invest in a few upgrades to make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable. Let us research available upgrades at your destination, find some within your budget, and advise you on whether or not they’re worth it.