Vendor Spotlight – Goss RV

Unlimited Trips has taken countless clients on amazing trips to equally amazing places around the world. Whether our clients are going on a honeymoon, a cruise, or a fun vacation, we’re always there to make sure their experience is nothing short of fantastic.

We take clients to over 100 destinations with a list that’s ever-expanding. We believe travel is one of the best mediums to help you relax and rejuvenate, and nothing accommodates this more than traveling in luxury, style, and comfort.

Luxury, class, elegance, and prestige… 4 words that perfectly define what Goss RV delivers. They are the leading providers of turnkey luxury motorcoach rental services in the United States and Canada.

Time and time again our discerning clients have expressed profound approval for Goss RV’s services. Traveling, they tell us, has never been more luxurious and comfortable. Thus, it is with great pleasure we feature them today in our vendor spotlight series!

  1. What do they define as ‘luxury travel?’

Gross RV is well aware that the services they offer aren’t for everybody. The company, founded in 2003, is geared towards affluent clients who don’t want to trade luxury for anything when they travel.

A motorcoach experience is one of a kind, regardless of the nature of your trip. If you’re going on a family vacation, Goss RV has everything to keep the family happy from the start to the end of the trip. If it’s a honeymoon with a loved one, Goss RV makes certain the trip sets a great precedent for what’s come in the honeymoon. Is it a golf trip with close friends or a business trip with coworkers? Goss RV is more than capable of meeting everyone’s need for comfort and luxury.

There are several benefits of traveling by road to flying, and Goss RV’s clients appreciate this. They understand how unique traveling by motorcoach is and they’re all curious to experience it. Some clients just want to travel in style while enjoying every minute of it. Either way, Goss RV always delivers.

  1. Do they partner with travel agents?

They do, and they maintain a strong and cordial relationship with all of them. Their travel agent partners are essential to them, and they always meet the demands and needs of their clients. They offer their travel agent partners any assistance they might need, giving them the necessary information, tools, and knowledge, they would need to convince undecided clients why Goss RV is the right choice to make.

  1. Who owns Goss RV?

They are a family-owned business, being conceived almost 2 decades earlier in 2003. Goss RV provides unparalleled turnkey luxury motorcoach rental experiences. With a fleet of more than 150 smoke-free recreational vehicles, which is the largest fleet in the United States, Goss RV has no competition.

There is a collection of luxurious motorcoaches awaiting you. Each provides a unique experience with amenities to make your trip even more wonderful than you might presume. Which vehicle will suit you the most? Give Goss RV a call and they’ll recommend the perfect one.

Are you curious to know more about Goss RV yet? Unlimited Trips is an official partner of Goss RV and we would be more than happy to secure their services for you on your next vacation. Come see us and learn more about us on our website,

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