What Is the Best Time of The Year for A Destination Wedding?

The decision of the best time of the year for your destination wedding is one that hinges on a lot of factors. For example, the destination itself plays a part. You can also have a preferred period in mind or might not even know where to start. Don’t worry we at Unlimited Trips are here to help.

One of the ways that you can decide what the best time of the year for your destination wedding is, is by using the seasons of the year. You would however have to choose a destination first and then with the following pros and cons of the seasons, decide when is best for you to hold your destination wedding there. If you’re ready to get started, then so are we. Stay with us in the following paragraphs.

  1. Summer

Summer is a great time for destination weddings. You’ll get a great variety in things like the menu, flowers, and drinks. There is also the advantage that when the sun goes down, you’re going to have a wedding reception that is lit! Summer weddings are fun weddings. The cons, are that you are going to have to book way ahead with the destination, vendors, and lots more. The presence of the sun could also pose a bit of a problem for your photos and people might also appear oily and shiny in your pictures because of the heat. The prices will be higher too.

  1. Fall

If you choose to hold your destination wedding during fall, you’ll save some cost because you’ll be able to rope in the beauty of your surroundings as décor at your wedding. Fall weddings with dark themes are also quite beautiful to see.

On the side of the cons, the recently passed vacation months may mean that your guests are fagged out and out of money. Also, depending on how cold your destination gets during fall, you may have to hold your wedding in an indoor venue.

  1. Spring

Spring is great for destination weddings because nature looks amazing at this time of the year. The cloud coverage would also mean that all your wedding photos will come out flawless. Your wedding fashion can also be whatever you want as you’ll be safe from weather consequences.

You should however watch out for allergies as a con and note that spring is peak wedding season too so prices will be a little on the high side. You may also find it a bit difficult to get free vendors around this time if you did not book ahead.

  1. Winter

A winter destination wedding is a great time to have a dreamy cozy wedding with your family and guests. You’ll get lots of discounts too as this is not peak season. You’ll also have a wide range of options to choose from since few couples wed at this time.

For cons, you might have to understand your guests choosing to go home for the winter instead. You’ll also have to find a way to incorporate shawls, jackets and other warm clothing into your wedding fashion for the day.

So, what period have you chosen? Whichever you decide, don’t forget to have us here at Unlimited Trips handle the travel plan aspects of your destination wedding. We’re located at 2309 West Market St Akron, Ohio 44313. You can give us a call at 330- 940-4321 and send us an email at Travel@UnlimitedTrips.com