What To Expect in Kosovo As Tourism Resumes

Kosovo offers a unique appeal to tourists who seek to explore its narrow streets of cobblestone and ottoman houses. There’s a blend of eastern and western culture and ancient heritage almost everywhere you look.

However, as Tourism makes a return to the small Balkan Country, a few requirements have been put in place before entry can be granted.

Although there is no Nationality restriction, travelers from countries on the EDCD’s high-risk list are expected to submit a medical certificate issued within 72 hours of arrival.

This proves they have tested negative to a PCR COVID-19 test. If this isn’t met, they must quarantine when they arrive in Kosovo. So here are a few things you will experience in this ancient state in southeastern Europe!

· The People Are Lovely

Kosovans are a collection of really beautiful people. One may attribute this to its young population with over 70% under 35, or its regional blend being that it is bordered by Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania.

Whatever the reason, prepare to be amid some of the most beautiful human beings you have probably ever seen. It’s going to be a unique experience, that much we can guarantee!

· Kosovan’s Are Very Friendly

In Kosovo, hospitality is solid and common. It is no place for a lonely, reclusive traveler as you will be befriended, talked to, invited to events, etc.

A typical Kosovan will waste no time in sharing world views and discussing entertainment with you. So, if this happens, it is purely an ordinary act of warmth and friendliness.

· Kosovo Is Affordable

Kosovo is a highly affordable destination for travelers who don’t want to empty their wallets for tourism’s sake.

For example, a bus ride from one side of the country costs as low as $5.86, and a hearty dinner plate can be held for about $3.52. So if your goal is to travel on a budget, Kosovo offers just that.

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