Who to Invite to Your Destination Wedding

People hardly ever talk about who to put on your guest list. They just assume that as an engaged couple, you already have the complete list stored away in the back of your head somewhere. But the truth is that you don’t. Nobody does!

You might have a few people that you know for sure you’d like to see with you on that day, but the rest is up in the air. You have to sit down and debate with your partner on who’s coming and who isn’t. It’s a process that should not be underestimated at all. In light of that here are a few words from our experts on who should make it to your wedding guest list.


But not all of them. Unless you’re throwing a carnival of a wedding (Which isn’t even advisable at this point because there’s a raging pandemic out there), you can’t invite everyone. Again, have the talk on who gets to come and who doesn’t come as a couple. Your great grand aunt who you haven’t seen since you were five years old might not make the list.

Special Friends

And again, not all of them. It also depends on how many family members you’re inviting. If you have a small number of family members coming, it opens up room for you to invite more friends depending on your overall wedding plans. Friends that you and your partner have in common are usually a safe bet. But yes, your best friend who lives in another city but hasn’t met your partner yet can come too.


With plus ones, you have to apply a blanket rule when it comes to your wedding. For example, you could say that anyone who has been with their partner for more than one year can come with them. You can also say that people who have been with their partner for more than six months can come with them. It is entirely up to you, but when you do decide on which to follow, stick to it.

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