Why An Aruba Destination Wedding Is Perfect for You

Many Caribbean islands claim they are the best for your destination wedding. Yes, many of them are indeed beautiful places to celebrate your union, but the spotlight today falls on Aruba!

Like some other countries, Aruba has reopened for tourism to most countries. All you need to do is complete the online ED card, purchase Aruba visitors’ insurance, and proof of a negative molecular test issued within 12 to 72 hours before departure. In addition, all travelers are also mandated to download the Aruba Health App.

While other Caribbean spots may be vying for your attention, Aruba ticks all the boxes of the ideal situation for a perfect destination wedding. Here is why we think so!

· Ideal Weather Conditions

Aruba is a mere 15 miles off the coast of South America and in perfect proximity to the equator. Due to this location and constant trade winds, the weather in Aruba is predictable and close to perfect, with warm air and water all winter long. This vantage point also ensures Aruba is kept out of the hurricane path in the summer and fall.

So, suppose weather instability is a concern of yours. In that case, Aruba is the perfect place to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

· Many Options for A Personalized Wedding

A destination wedding in Aruba is a buffet of a customizable wedding package. The beautiful island offers all-inclusive resorts, a range of private and age-appropriate villas, and scenic outdoor locations.

With an extensive cuisine that offers meal options for different wedding packages and styles, your dream wedding in Aruba is on its way to becoming a reality.

· Exclusivity

All but two Aruba wedding resorts take on just one wedding a day to ensure enough hands and staff are on ground to provide all the services needed. All the attention and focus will be on you and your wedding party in Aruba!

To ensure you get to feel special during your destination wedding, make it an Aruba destination wedding.

Now that you have decided on Aruba, why don’t you contact us to help plan your destination wedding itinerary?

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