Why you Should Visit Iceland Now as Tourism Restriction Is Lifted

Unlimited Trips is a full-service travel agency in Akron, Ohio, and we’re ready to help you go on a great trip to Iceland! For travelers from the US and other countries who want to visit Iceland, the requirements include proof of complete vaccination or a COVID-19 recovery.

All travelers are expected to provide evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination and a negative PCR or rapid antigen test result issued no more than 72 hours before departure. You will also be required to download the COVID-19 app “Rakning C-19”.

Now, with that out of the way, if you are still on the fence about making Iceland your next tourist destination, here is why Unlimited Trips believes you will love it there!

· It Is an Eco-Friendly Destination

Iceland is the perfect place for an eco-friendly vacation for travelers keen on protecting and preserving the ecosystem. In addition, the tour guides, hospitality establishments, and pretty much the entire country is eco-friendly!

Iceland maintains the cleanest energy consumption globally. Furthermore, its tourism board is committed to making sure the environmental impact of tourism is not detrimental to the environment by supporting activities that protect it.

· The Glorious Northern Lights

The Northern Lights look like something out of a fantasy novel! Don’t miss your chance to experience this beautiful phenomenon. It’s a rare yet wonderful experience.

· Blue Lagoon

One of Iceland’s biggest tourist pulls is the Blue Lagoon. It’s a geothermal pool filled with minerals that help exfoliate the skin.

Admittedly, Blue Lagoon is notorious for long lines, crowded water, and pricey admission. But all these will be nothing compared to how warm and soothing it is once you finally get in!

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