Windstar Leisure Cruise from San Juan to San Juan

Have you started making plans for your leisure cruise yet? There are so many to choose from that you could very be overwhelmed by the options, but worry not, because Unlimited Trips is here to save the day!

We’re a full-service travel agency in Akron, Ohio, and booking your leisure cruise is next on our ‘bucket list’ of things to do. What’s on your bucket list?

The year 2020 has seen its fair share of lows but why let COVID-19 stop you from making the most of your time? The world was hit hard by the virus but life is now going back to normal and we feel a celebration is in order.

Now, would you believe us if we told you can have an entire month’s worth of fun in just 7 days? Go on one of Windstar’s famed cruises and you’ll be shocked at the number of fun things you can do on a single voyage.

Windstar Cruise is offering a 7-day trip that takes you to 6 exotic Caribbean Windward islands. Your cruise liner will depart from San Juan in Puerto Rico and sail to St. George’s, Bequia, Pigeon Island, Les Saintes, and St. Maarten before you finally make your back to San Juan again.

If you fancy swimming with ancient sea turtles, if the sight of historic structures makes you smile, and if you’ve never experienced the thrill a zip line entails, this cruise is for you!

The departure date is on the 4th of December 2021 but it’s never too early to start booking because those cruise tickets aren’t unlimited!

Thrill-seekers and vacationers who have been to any of these islands are well-aware of all the experiences awaiting them there, so don’t be left out. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Reach out to Unlimited Trips and let’s book your Windstar cruise, but it’s not just about the cruise, is it? The Caribbean is filled with wonder, and amazing things await you at all these islands. We’ll highlight 3 of them right here; just to give you a glimpse of what to expect!

· In San Juan, Ancient Forts Await

One of the most well-known and oldest attractions in Puerto Rico is the 16th-century citadel, Castillo San Felipe del Morro. It has so many stories to tell you and regardless of whether you’re a history buff or not, you’ll love this place. If one citadel isn’t enough, step into Castillo San Cristobal and you’ll be left awestruck at the sheer size of this timeless structure. It’s the largest European fortification in the Americas and something you really shouldn’t miss.

· In St. Georges, Exploration Awaits

Your first sight of St. Georges will be of a colorful town with buildings that look stacked upon each other. But the closer your cruise liner nears it, the more you’ll realize how much of a gem this place is. There’s a salt pond that’s sure to please any birdwatcher; there are secluded and golden beaches for the entire family, and there’s a beautiful coral reef awaiting your camera!

· In Bequia, Scuba Diving Awaits

Have you ever gone scuba diving before? No? You can’t find a place better than Bequia to learn. With the remarkable and diverse marine life, the crystal clear water, the exhilarating drifts, lovely sea fans, and beautiful relaxing reefs, Scuba diving, and snorkeling in Bequia is a thoroughly unique and amazing experience.

These are just 3 of 6 Islands, and what you just read barely scratched the surface of what each Island offers you. 7 days is all it takes to see them so expect nonstop fun and excitement for the entire week it’ll take to make the trip to San Juan and be back again.

All you have to do is contact Unlimited Trips today and we’ll get everything ready for you. Our free, concierge-like services and years as a professional travel agency mean you’re guaranteed a hitch-free and an amazing travel experience. And if you’ve never been on a cruise before, you have no idea what you’re missing out on, but this is your chance to make up for it!

Windstar will personalize your trip and make sure each hour spent affords more opportunities for fun than the next, so reach out to Unlimited Trips from Akron, Ohio if you’re ready to go on this amazing cruise! We’ll book your Windstar cruise for 7 days of adventure you won’t soon forget!