Your Guide to Navigating The Caribbean Islands Amid COVID-19 in 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries, including the Caribbean islands, put a pause on welcoming visitors in a bid to contain and control the deadly virus.

It is 2021, and strict safety measures and protocols are being implemented as the islands move back to re-opening to travelers and residents.

The re-opening of Caribbean borders is made possible chiefly due to the increased dissemination of the COVID-19 vaccine. As a result, many destinations have started to ease travel restrictions. Other countries have entirely lifted travel restrictions, requiring only proof of vaccination.

Some resorts have even gone the extra length to make on-site testing available for convenience in compliance with the approved health and safety protocols.

This is to say that now is a good time, if not better, than any since the pandemic to explore the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean islands.

This guide will help US travelers navigate some of the Caribbean island nations at this time.

  • Anguilla

· Visitors are to submit a negative PCR test three to five days before arrival.

· Travelers who have been fully vaccinated will only quarantine for seven days and will not be asked to provide proof of health insurance.

· Starting July 1, all travelers due to get a vaccine must have gotten the shot but will still undergo a negative PCR test three to five days before arriving with proof of vaccinations

· Families traveling with a cross-generation of both vaccinated and unvaccinated members will have to submit for a mandatory 10-14 days quarantine.

  • Aruba

· American visitors are allowed to come in but must undergo a COVID-19 molecular test either up to 72 hrs before arrival or upon landing at the airport.

· Travelers must complete an embarkment/disembarkment card and also a personal health insurance assessment.

· Visitors must acquire Aruba Visitors Insurance ahead of travel as part of the online ED card process. Personal travel insurance may only supplement not replace Aruba Visitors Insurance.

  • Bahama

· Fully vaccinated travelers will no longer require inter-state testing.

· Travelers who are vaccinated must still apply for a Bahamas travel health visa and provide proof of vaccination but not required to provide evidence of a negative PCR test.

· Unvaccinated travelers must apply for a health visa and provide proof of a negative test taken five days before arrival.

To know more about the travel policies in place in other Caribbean nations, contact us to help you find the requirements of the island country of your choice.

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